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High Seas fishing and rewards

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High Seas fishing and rewards Empty High Seas fishing and rewards

Post  Infamous on Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:08 am

High Sea Fishing Guide and Rewards

As promised, I compiled this guide for the benefits of thecommunity. Is the fishing event in CVCO but I believe information is similar:

High sea fishingguide

1. Purchasedfishing pole and baits from in game item mall.
2. Pole has 4types: Rod, Fine Fishing Rod, Navigation Fishing Rod and deep sea.
3. Bait has 3types: Primary, secondary, and advance.

How to fish
1. Once you on shoal, right click on bait,follow by left click on pole to equip. Once you equip bait on pole, it showsthe level of the bait.
2. Select theshoal and left click on pole to fish.
3. Once you started fishing, there is 30sec count down. At this moment, you can not move the ship or too far fromshoal, both condition serve with failure. Also note, the success rate isproportionate to your fishing level. There are 7 kinds of “point’ fishes:
Anchovy, Sardine, Cod, Herring, Salmon, Ratfish,and Sturgeon for contest event. Winner gets silver, title and IM items.

Fishes like sea swordfish, deep sea tuna, deep sea eel, deepsea salmon, deep sea lobster and great white shark. Not only these fish givemeat, accessories, stones and jewels (random). Can be exchange for silvers atNPC in Seville.Once you have enough of these fishes, you can exchange for items like treasureweapon and armor from NPC in Seville.

Price exchange:

For every 100 anchovy: 1 million
For every 100 Sardine: 2 million
For every 100 Cod fish: 3.5 million
For every 100 herring: 5 million
For every 100 Salmon: 7.5 million
For every 100 Ratfish: 10 million
For every 100 Sturgeon: 15 million

Equipments exchange:

Method 1
For every 50 meat of sea swordfish, deep sea tuna, deep seaeel, deep sea salmon can be exchange for items like:
Gigantic Sword, Dragon -Squama Falchion, Heaven's Halberd, Original Type of Musket, Mal / Female chainarmor, Male/ Female Officer Suit.

Method 2
For every 30 great white shark and 2 fins you can get
MoxieSword, Dragon Edge, Detonator Gun, and Longinus Spear, Male / Female Gaul Armorand hat.

Method 3
For every 10 Lobster scale you can get
Gan jiang Sword, Multiple – Tempelet, Axe of Minotaur, Ancient FireGun, male/female Executer Suit and hat.

Method 4
For every lobster specimen you can get
Divine Falchion ofMars, Divine Halberd of Poseidon, Aris Holy Sword, Lost Fire Gun, TamerlaneHat, Mulan Hat, Tamerlane Suit, and Mulan Chain Robes.

You exchange lobster specimen from NPC in Seville with silver and 40 lobster scales.

New item
Holy water is use to purify the effect of curse (drop whendead) on accessories like black skeleton. Once purified it erase that effect.

Special Task
You exchange lobster specimen from NPC in Seville with silver and 40 lobster scales.

*Guide made by LOQUAN

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