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Colony City Guide

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Colony City Guide Empty Colony City Guide

Post  Infamous on Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:09 pm

- Obtaining a Colony -

You need to be a Lvl 5 Guild's leader with many silver on you.

- Find a Colony Minister apply for the quest (better in Hamburg)

- Get the task item "A Dream Flask" at Hamburg Suburb

- After submiting the item to Colony Minister, talk to Drich (the Leader of Hamburg) to finish next quest ve

- Talk to the Leader of your nation (in this case here, it's Aiolia from Athens)
*Here is a list of Nations and their Leaders: Empires, Cities, Leaders*

- Get your last quest item, "Holy Spirit Stone", from Hell Messenger in Hurricane Island

- After submiting the item to the Leader of your nation, you will get a "Corerstone"

- Sail to an empty Colony City (with no name above the city) and right-click the Corerstone

-Choose one of the three styles of city

- Put a name on the city.

- Congratulations! Now you own a Colony!
IMPORTANT: You have to upgrade it to lvl 1, or it will disappear after 48 hours!

- Upgrading Your Colony to Lvl 1-

- Go in land and talk to the Construction Minister.

- Choose option "Employee" and then hire the "Interior Minister" for 50,000

- Go talk to the Interior Minister and choose a developing route

- You can check your Colony info by pressing Ctrl+A and clicking on the Colony Icon

- This are your Colony talent points (sorry for some chinese characters here because of some uncompleted translation)

- Talk to Construction Minister and raise all the Indexes with materials

- Trade Index needs to be invested on the Trader

- Talk to Constructor Minister and choose "Raise City Level" to get the next quests

- The first one - Submit construction captal - is easy: you just need to pay

- The other one - Submit construction materials - is harder: you need to submit all these items

- After submiting both quests above, you just need to select "Levelup confirmation" to upgrade your Colony.

Congratulations, you have upgraded your Colony!
Now you just need to wait 30 minutes for it to be refreshed as a lvl 1 Colony.

*Guide made by IGGrain

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