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Guild Quest Guide

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Guild Quest Guide Empty Guild Quest Guide

Post  Infamous Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:11 pm

Alright first thing u need to do when u have a guild go to the Guild Manager.
When u did that select Guild Functions :

U will get 3 options now. Choose Join the headquarter of guild.

Now u will enter the Headquarters of the guild. U need to walk down the path to the door and enter. When your inside. Walk further to the round table and go to the Commercial Minister.
Select Commercialization Construction. ( This will help the guild level up )

After that select your level goods u want. Level 4 is more helpful. Level 1 is helpful too but it goes slower. (Tip : When selecting the goods. Make sure the goods are in your city! )

Do u see above? It's just a random good. Now press ( X ) To cancel and repeat the above TILL u get your goods u need!

Ok Now when u have selected your favorite goods go to the Guild Caretaker (In the Middle)
Than choose the Back to town function!

U will see that u go back to the town u came from. Now walk Towards your trader.

Ok now u came to the Trader to get your goods. Just pick your goods u need for the quest.
REMEMBER: Every level goods has different numbers. Level 4 goods it says u need to take 12 back.
for example : Level 1 goods it says u need to bring 15 back. Just read your task carefully!

Now you have bought the Goods, Walk back to the Guild Manager and go complete the task.
You will recieve 200 Contribution points (for Level 4 goods, 50 for each level) Maximum of Contribution is 10000. Now u have succesfully helped the guild. Keep in mind though; Doing this for the guild will make u More Expierence in the game, and you will see that helping the guild wil put you in a good position with other guild members.
Remember If you are helping the guild to get in favor of the guildleader than your wrong. Every one is helping the guild with this and i am making it only Faster and Clearly.

Now u know how to level the guild. I want to tell u how to help the guild in the military side. Called Industrialization. When completing this task will help the guild be more POWERFULL. And win battles against other Guild or win Sieges!

Your already in the HEADQUARTERS of the guild and now u will walk left of the table to the Industry Minister. Accept his first task and Choose what u want to collect the most. Cannon is easy. So let’s choose that!

Alright now we have again the ability to choose how much we want to collect.
( Tip: Go to Algiers take some level 3 cannons )

Ok now we have accepted 13 level 3 Artillery ( Cannons )

Now with Commercial it WAS NOT allowed to bring the GOODS before accepting the task.
with INDUSTRY it IS ALLOWED. So Bring 130 level 3 cannons with you. And Repeatedly Accept the task and Deliver task. So u will get
Accept -> Finish
Accept -> Finish
10 times-> Till you’re out of cannons. Now this goes well faster because with a little money u can reach 10k contribution easy. But remember! Industry is helpful. But in the beginning at a level 1 guild its better to get some Commercial.

*Guide made by MrDoom

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